NIST Traceable Color Transmission Calibration Slide - Calibrated (IAM-9C-SECCAL)

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Microscopy color patches for assessing color accuracy. NIST traceable calibration data for each large color patch is supplied as spectral transmission. By using the supplied spreadsheet, this data can be converted to the color space you need (such as Adobe RGB 1998,

L*A*B*, XYZ, etc.)

-24 color patches plus large clear area

-Black background to minimize flare

-The 4150 µm diameter patches are individually calibrated for spectral transmission. (this allows accurate conversion (using the supplied spreadsheet) to other color space units)

-Smaller patches from 1000 µm diameter to 150 µm diameter are exposed and processed at the same time produce good correlation of the large calibrated patches to the smaller ones, but are not calibrated.

-Oil immersion objectives can be used because a standard 0.15 mm glass cover slip is permanently cemented over the color film.

-Film is permanently sandwiched between glass; atmospheric deterioration of the measured values is minimized.

-Each slide is individually serialized and calibrated.