Individual UPC Bar Code Standards

The UPC Verification Calibration standards are a unique set of symbols that assures an exact and reliable primary bar code standard exists for UPC codes based on ANSI X3.182/ISO 15416 methodology.  These standards assures that manufactures of verification equipment, scanners, QC labs and end users now have an accurate basis for checking the measurement capabilities of their equipment.  These standards are intended as a fundamental calibration tool for an QC program, providing a continuous scale from best to worse case characteristics of each parameter.  With complete NIST traceable data supplied, it is ideally suited to those requiring traceability, such as ISO certification.  Each symbol is individually calibrated to ANSI X3.182/ISO 15416 standards using a custom built microdensitometer.  These cards are supplied calibrated for use with a 6 mil scan aperture and 660nm wavelength.  (calibration wit other aperture sizes or wavelengths is available)

The bar code standards are precisely created in positive image format at 100% Nominal X-dimension in 13 mil (0.33mm) on a photo-emulsion medium.  Each card overall size is 4.0 in. x 4.0 in. (100mm x 100mm) and laminated to an opaque backing to prevent reflectance changes from placement on various surfaces.

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