BARCODE Standards (UPC/EAN,2D,39,128,2of5...ALL CODES)

Some of the first bar codes ever manufactured in the data scanning industry were produced by the founder of APPLIED IMAGE, Bruno Glavich, as part of the first barcode testing efforts in the late 1960's. Back then, the concept of barcode scanning was in it's infancy. Mr. Glavich worked for a small company called Photographic Sciences Corporation (PSC) of Webster, NY, who was involved in some of the first bar codes ever produced. In 1978, having left PSC, Mr. Glavich formed APPLIED IMAGE and, by 1990, had become a well know INDEPENDENT measurement and calibration center serving the needs of the BAR CODE Industry, providing both standards and calibration services world wide.

In 1991, APPLIED IMAGE was approached by UCC (now called GS1) requesting to have our barcode standards become the basis for certifying and standardizing the Bar Code Verifier Industry based on the ANSI standards of the time. It is here that the name "The JUDGE' was coined publicly by APPLIED IMAGE for for the first time for simplicity of conversation with the industry regarding our Certification might say it was a way to JUDGE the quality of the calibration codes for the industry! It was at this junction that our Calibrated Conformance Standard Test Card was born, designed and tested by APPLIED IMAGE, which we exclusively sold directly to the industry. In 1997, APPLIED IMAGE developed yet a more enhanced Calibration Data Card and, this time, we approached UCC (now GS1) and asked them if they were also willing to distribute the card on our behalf, so that the industry would be better served. And they agreed. Under our license to UCC (now GS1), APPLIED IMAGE modified the UCC/EAN Calibrated Conformance Standard Card (CCSV-1) and made it available to UCC(GS1) for distribution to the industry.

With our high level of test target manufacturing capability, our years of laboratory measurement certifying ability, and fiercely independence from any equipment manufacturer (no sale or distribution of measuring equipment), the industry has been assured of consistent quality bar code calibration standards that has significantly helped the barcode industry grow and prosper over the years.

APPLIED IMAGE is the only manufacturer of BAR CODE CALIBRATION STANDARDS and 2D CALIBRATION CARDS that are made using our proprietary ACCUedgeTM manufacturing technology, assuring the highest edge quality in the industry. Further, with the development of a new advanced technology JUDGE (our ACCUscan Laser interferometer Calibration System), you can be sure of receiving the highest quality standards available anywhere period! Not only are our ACCUedge codes precise, but they also meet ALL of the ISO, ANSI and AIM requirements. Further, to make sure of the positioning accuracy, our instrumentation is traceable to NIST assuring that our CALIBRATION CARDS meet the highest quality requirements available anywhere in the world!

Today APPLIED IMAGE has become the foremost authority on the manufacturing of standard and custom BAR CODE CALIBRATION STANDARDS in the world. Not only do we do this for the existing well known symbol technologies such as UPC, EAN, Code 128, Interlealf 2of5, code 39, 2D DataMatrix, etc.. but also a myriad of other codes (standard and custom). All data codes are produced to extreme accuracy for testing the in-process needs of bar coding scanning systems, verifiers, new equipment designs, specific defect characteristic testing, or any type of CODE scanning and/or certifying requirement.

To ensure you receive the highest quality standards, our imaging engineers use our latest state-of-the-art proprietary JUDGE called our "ACCUscan Laser Intererometer Certification System" that has far surpassed the old JUDGE technology we used to use. Our new ACCUscan Laser Interferometer Certifiation System is certifiably traceable to all required DATA CODING standards that are needed by the industry (ANSI X3.182, ISO/IEC15416, and NIST). APPLIED IMAGE has been the dataCODE and BARcode calibration standard authority since 1980 and continue to be so with our newest ACCUscan Certification Calibration System .... we guarantee the accuracy and quality of our ACCUedgeTM barcode standards to be second to none or your money back !!!!!!!!!

Just as important is the fact that we provide turn-key DATAcode and BARcode standards solution with no conflicts of interest with any manufacturer since we do not sell any type of physical equipment....we are ONLY a standards provider and certification calibration laboratory!

CUSTOM CODES: The next time a standard DATAcode or BARcode does not answer the question you need, give our Sales Engineers a call. They are ready to assist you with your specific design needs for CUSTOM or STANDARD CODES (barcodes, 2D or other type). APPLIED IMAGE, your TRUSTED DataCode Provider since 1978.

Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility

APPLIED IMAGE is pleased to announce that Glenn Jackling is a participating member of the AIM Technical Symbology Committee.

The Technical Symbology Committee is comprised of individuals from AIM member companies who are the world's leading experts on symbology design, as well as printing and decoding algorithms. Companies actively work with the committee to ensure a complete technical specification is available to the market. Many symbologies published as AIM specifications have moved into the international community and ISO standards.