CONFORMANCE CALIBRATION STANDARD *Enhanced* Test Card for UPC/EAN Symbol Verifiers

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Designed to check the calibration of verifiers or the training of verifier users.

The CALIBRATED CONFORMANCE STANDARD TEST CARD contains five precision UPC symbols which have been calibrated using our state-of-the-art Laser Interferometer Scanner (JUDGE certified). Complete calibration results of each symbol are supplied and a summary of the main parameter are written on the card near each symbol.

The CERTIFIED TEST CARDS are fully traceable to all applicable bar code standards including ANSI X3.182, ISO-15416 and GS1 requirements, with further traceability to NIST with a statement of estimated uncertainty documented on the supplied Calibration Certificate.

The test card is considered "Primary Reference" designed for verifiers using a 6 mil aperture with light characteristics for point of sale laser scanners, wand devices and imaging cameras.

The first symbol: EAN13 "Master Grade" has all parameters made to Grade 4(A).

The second symbol: UPC-A "Master Grade" has all parameters made to Grade 4(A).

The third symbol: "Defect (Void)" tests the Defect parameter by incorporating a precise void in one of the large bars and reducing the ISO/ANSI Defect to Grade 2(C).

The fourth symbol: "Decodability Bar" has a decodability defect built-in to reduce decodability to Grade 2(C).

The fifth symbol: "Contrast" tests the symbol contrast by placing gray bars on a gray background and reducing the contrast to Grade 2(C).

In addition: four strategically placed density patches that can be used to aid in the "density & contrast" calibration of the test cards.

Unless otherwise specified, this card is calibrated with a 150 micron (0.006") aperture.

Substrate Size/Overall size: 216mm x 152mm (8.5 x 6 inches)

Additional Information:

AI CSS UPC/EAN Enhanced Conformance Calibration Standard Specification Document